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first: joss whedon is overrated.

second: companions are indeed functionally mirrors, but dancing holiday is definately better than electro beams and carbon spray for reasons that should be obvious.

third: GUSS RULES!

fourth: blizz gets kind of annoying after a while, but thankfully anytime I'm not in the mood for cutesy star wars i can just whip out Skadge, then when i get kind of tired of the vulgarity (which takes longer than for cutesiness incidentally) i just whip out blizz. also a healthy sprinkling of gault, but thats more for the sake of getting through the trash quicker

my favorite companions
1. Guss Tuno
2. Skadge
3. Mako
4. Blizz
5. Kaliyo, gault, akaavi, scorpio ensign temple... depends on my mood

my favorite companion groups

1. bounty hunter, all except torian are spectacular
2. agent, nothing spectacular individually but the most solid set that as a whole feels the most like a team as opposed to a random group of people
3. smuggler, corso's an idiot and wookie is way too much of a noble savage cliche for me to really love, but if one doesn't read his subtitles he instantly becomes way cooler, as does the customization kit where he gets welding goggles, and literally every companion is better than the last
4. sith warrior, haven't played it but i love twi'leks, chick apprentices, talz (not as awesome as ortolans, but still great), and malavai looks way too dumb not to be hilarious
5. trooper, none of them really jump out at me but they all seem like they have an interesting concept and im looking forward to rolling one come legacy unlocks, along with the sw
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