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Yup, pretty disappointed too. Checked out all the gear at the synthweaving trainer and there's maybe a total of 5 unique looking chest pieces, the rest are recolorizations of the same 5, and they ALL have hoods. For a game where 50% of it is cutscenes with close-ups, why was this overlooked? I want to see the character I created up close.
They all have hoods? NOOOO!!!! Synthweaving was my next place to look. I just have to hope that some non hood chest pieces drop somewhere in the game.

Why did the Devs show us three years of non-hooded Guardians in video after video and screen shot after screen shot, only to put none of that armor in the game? If hoods are so great, why did they put every single Jedi on Tython's hood down? Why can't I look like them? Why can't I look like the guy on the front of the game box?
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