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As mentioned by Blaine Christine (Senior Producer, Live Services) in March 2nd's Q&A, unfortunately at this time we're unable to run separate maintenance windows for different regions. All of The Old Republic's game servers are in the same service environment.
And this was a terrible idea. You had 3 months of delays while implementing 'the best possible service' for the oceanic community and not only did you forget to code the transfers, you also didn't even think to set up the servers so proper timezone updates worked?

Very sloppy work. It's a good thing the work on the game itself was not this shortsighted and poorly executed or you would have barely anyone left.

Ty for at least replying our concerns here. Even if the answer was not the one we were hoping for. It would be nice to hear some reasoning other then "We decided to do it this way, wont say why, and have no current plans to change anything"