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Why does Taran have the best moveset? Aren't they mirrors of eachother? On the 3 classes I've been playing alot - JC, JK and BH - they have all had similar abilities.
They all have a disorient move that locks enemies for like 8 sec.

Mako does that electrocute beam
Doc carbonize enemies
Tharan "deploys Holliday"

Is it something in their healing abilities that make them different?

Doc must be one of the most underrated companions. I think he's a really good comical relief character. Not 1 sentence that comes from him is serious. He's like the games Han Solo, medic style.

And like everybody, I just love Mako as a companion. Of the ones I've "met" so far, she is the overall best in every category.

JC's companions are all horrible or worse. Except Nadia, who is a force sensitve who believes in justice and vengence. Much like a "grey" Jedi.

Starting an IA I just got totally repulsed by the first companion. The bald, chaotic evil punk "thing". I just dropped my operative before lvl 20 mostly because of her.
"I'm a Hutt in human form planning to overthrow the Republic." - Revan, KOTOR