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03.23.2012 , 05:19 AM | #232
I preordered guild wars 2 today, it even looks like I will get a collectors edition like I missed out on due to the inept release here.

Other danger games are diablo 3 and believe it or not, phantasy star online 2. Although that one wont be out for a while.
Yes, if I want my sci-fi hit I may leave this game for pso. They even have laser swords.

You Bioware (although I suspect the Evil Ampire might have a greasy mitt in this fiasco) have until one of those 3 games is released to pull your act together before you lose me and likely many other aussies for good.

All said, the game itself is great fun, niggles aside (ever think what that speeder removal would look like to those new aussie players?), its been a blast. Do believe me when I say I would not have put up with this much otherwise.