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Easy for you to say.

Ever find yourself in a situation where the only night you can play (1 of 3) is taken away with ill planned maintenance?

Or in a situation where you've had a stressful day and come home to relax for a few hours before going out again, only the servers are unavailable?

All this while you can clearly see other MMOs who handle maintenance in a way where no 1 or 2 regions suffer because of the rest.

We're adults who have jobs and families to tend to, not kids who can easily change our lives to suit some crappy maintenance schedule.
Im 31 and have a 9 year old and a 10 month old. I work a job where I deploy overseas on a regular basis AWAY from my family and when im at home that job is stressful but fullfilling. I have sacrificed 2 years of my life to go overseas and I have a couple nights a week im able to play. Does this cause me to raise hell on the forums? NO.

Dont preach to me about being a child and able to change schedules etc ..