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I just bought this game 2 weeks ago and have a level 25 combat medic trooper and i have to say that the healing in this game absolutely blows. Hammershots for heaing? The healing is negligeable and is a waste of time in pvp because the amount healed is a joke. You don't even have time to deal damage and keep someone alive at the same time keeping your power up. That and the fact that there isn't any kind of lifesteal in this game that i can see from playing jedi, smuggler or trooper, which would make it easier to keep people healed. At least in Warhammer: AoR the Warrior Priest could fight and heal at the same time so that they didn't drag the rest of the team down.

Now, i've played many MMO's:

Dark Age of Camelot
World of Warcraft
Guild Wars
Warhammer:Age of Reckoning

So far i am unimpressed with the healing in this game, it's just meh and when the healing gets nerfed again i think i will just respec all damage. Never really liked healing but this game made me like it even less.
Dragon, Just wanna agree with you here, especially in regards to PvPing as healer. It blows alright. I rather be dead than subject myself to the torture that is playing a healer in PvP on this game.