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People aren't complaining about a price usually...they're complaining about gouging: When someone buys up available (usually rare) resources and resells them at a substantially higher price. When someone corners the market, it's a gamble, but stands to win them a huge margin.

While in the real world, it's illegal, it's kinda fun in games. People complain because it's not fair: Those with the credits to corner a market get to set the prices, but hey, that's business in a truly free-market society.

Well, the OP was talking about price sales. The fellow I replied to was talking about gouging, so I understand the difference. I really don't see where you are going to get gouging here though. What item(s) are you looking at that players absolutely "must have" like Gas, that can be effectively cornered and price fixed?

The diversity of gathering and mission skills and the various links they have to a particular craft make for an abundance of raw materials. Every crafter has the ability to fully self fund their own craft.

Rare schematics for your craft can be gotten through mission skills, so even if you don't get to buy the one up on auction you aren't forever locked out of getting it.

Likewise, it is useless to try and corner ANY crafted good, because the crafters will just keep making them and putting them out on the market as long as they can get the materials to craft it, which they can via their crew skills.

If there is some game world item that only spawns rarely and can be gathered and sold then there may well be an effective price fix opportunity. But for most things, I'm just not seeing the opportunity here.