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03.22.2012 , 06:36 PM | #36
the amount of QQ is quite amazing... biochem is by far the most overpowered crew skill in the game right now, for several reasons:

1-reusable stimpack: double the stats of a vendor's (yes they will be phased out but you will KEEP the rakata recipe, and that recipe will be very viable for a very long time)

2-reusable adrenals: same situation as above

3-very high quality BoE implants: they may no longer have augs but they will still sell great, if you don't have any good recipes then please raid more to get those recipes, i have 2 columi implants waiting for my scoundrel when he hits 50.

4-reusable medpacks: pretty much free health

5-sellable stims: by far the best PvE money maker in the game, i spend a good 100-200k buying stims from my biochem friends a week to stay on my A-game for operations

They are not screwing biochem, just simply balancing. In the current state of the game going biochem is the only viable option endgame, that is why they are phasing out (NOT REMOVING) the reusables.