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For me personally, not at all. I was RPing my first character (a smuggler) for about six months before the game came out and "The Smuggler" does quite a few things my smuggler wouldn't do. I suppose that's true in all MMO's to a certain extent but maybe because of your character being voiced it feels more in my face.

At first I tried to play the character and make the choices that my character would make but there were too many times there was no option my character would pick, so I gave up. Now I look at the class and planet storylines as something outside my character. Some parts I enjoy and some parts I don't but none of those things are actually happening to my character. At this point I'm rather ambivalent to the overall game storyline. Its a little sad because story is supposed to be such a big part of the game but at this point see it as no more than getting my levels.
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