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I know this has been talked about before how ever, my personal frustration has compelled me to write my own.

2 Days 17 Hours Played lvl 29 Operative Medicine tree.

I have yet to find a group to do Black Talon or Hammer Station

I have found a group to do Athiss three times.

I got a lvl 50 pity run through Mangalorian Raiders.

I have spent nearly 2 days strait LFG for Cademimu and no group.

The current LFG tool is hardly utilized by players.

General Chat is only regional so you cant go off to another planet and quest while waiting to get into a flashpoint, well you could but your not in the right area to catch people looking for the same thing on fleet general chat.

Bottom line there is no system in game to help players get groups for flash points, normal or hardmode. The only tool utilized is spamming general chat till you log from HutBall frustration.

Obviously you can create a system to que multiple people into an instance ... since it is done for PvP warzones.

A multitude of other games have dungeon finders more prominently WoW and Rift.

It actually sucks wanting to do a flash point or two or three, but yet standing in fleet spamming general chat is a waist of time spent in game when i could be sitting in a gue while I go off and quest on a distant planet.

Please focus some portion of development on a flashpoint finder que system, that actually groups 1 tank 1 healer and 2 dps.