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For me,

Blizz. You have to love the guy, he calls you 'Boss' and it's just plain awesome. Comic relief companions are the best.

Mako. No, not because she's the 'hottest companion ever', but because she's sweet and tomboy-ish. She reflects my real life personality a lot, and that's probably one reason to like her.

2V-R8 - Yes, the ship droid. I like the ship droid, though annoying, he does insanely better than most of my other companions on crew skills. He crits more of my items that my other companions with bonuses on them! That and he's the only one that actually respects and does everything for you to make you happy.

T7: I wish this stupid droid would just melt and die. I hate this thing and my goal is to make him leave. I actually hate this worse than ship droids.

Ashara: I hate the republic. I hate this companion. I hate the republic because of this companion. Ugly, completely devoted to Jedi teachings in front of a SITH LORD. WHY CAN'T I FRY HER WITH LIGHTNING?!

Tharan Cedrax: His 'charms' sicken me. The more he tries to flirt with me makes me want to force choke him myself. His jokes are horrible, and his holographic dancer gets on my nerves to no end.

Nadia Grell: There's no reason for me to like this thing. Any companion who is pro-jedi is something I want to get rid of.
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