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03.22.2012 , 01:49 PM | #12
My main and first end game character was my Jedi Consular.

The story did feel like my character's personal story even though I know that every Jedi Consular has the same story.

The only place where it fell apart was on Corellia. I really feel that you need to do the last generic mission on the planet and then turn in the last storyline mission for the class for it to really fit together well.

Outside of this it was good.

The problem to me comes with leveling an alt. I skip thought the dialog for the planet's generic quests because they are even with the minor tweaks the same thing and pay attention to the class storyline. But even there since my first was a Jedi Shadow and one of my alts is a Jedi Sage, I find myself even skipping the class storyline dialog a lot.