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... I guess I don't understand why all of the sudden it's so important to have some kind of completely unique story line. This has never been what video games are.
For me, in other MMOs where there is no story, I basically constructed my story as events unfolded and it was personal to me. I filled in the details or if I was RPing I was getting reactions in the moment from other participants and I used that to fill in my story. There were no "canned" responses.

For me, it's not "all of a sudden". For me it just doesn't feel like well me.

Quote: Originally Posted by Jenovan View Post
... I wouldn't say that I feel like I'm living it, but I do feel like I'm writing it, if that distinction makes sense.
For me, it doesn't feel like I am writing it. Thats what bugs me. I am given choices many of which I don't like, agree with, or wouldn't write for myself.