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It does feel like my story, in the same way that Dragon Age: Origins* felt like my story. I wouldn't say that I feel like I'm living it, but I do feel like I'm writing it, if that distinction makes sense. And while there are going to be times where none of the choices I'm offered seem right to me, or when I feel shoehorned into doing something, those are outshined (for me) by the times I get to do something completely awesome and in-character.

This feeling is what quickly hooked me in the big beta weekend, and is why I think I'll be here for a while.

*I didn't get this experience from Dragon Age II. I wonder if it's because Hawke is, to a large extent, already defined for you before you start to play. And then, once your "personality" is established, further control is taken away from you. That's an interesting system, but it definitely removed some of the sense that I was creating a character.
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