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I like playing SWTOR. I do. Sure I have my complaints (we all do), but I still like playing. The subject of this post is:

Does SWTOR feel like "Your Story"?

Please discuss how you feel about the story and your personal reactions to the story. Intersted to know how you feel from your "main character's" perspective and from your "alt characters'" perspectives.

For me. I started with an Imperial Agent. Right from the git go it just didn't feel like "my story" and that has been the prevailing feeling thru all the alts I have played since.

There have been many times I have just wanted to scream because "I" wouldn't have reacted "that way" or "made that decision". This esepcially comes into play with LS and DS choices and "companion faction" choices.

Anyway how do you feel? Is SWTOR "Your Story"?

They all have felt like my story. I guess I don't understand why all of the sudden it's so important to have some kind of completely unique story line. This has never been what video games are.

Almost every video game ever made has been some kind of story that every player goes through. Sure there might be some opportunities here and there to make a choice or something, but for the most part, branching (and numerously branched) stories are very few and far between.

When I played GTA4, I didn't care that everyone else was playing Niko Bellic. When I played Deus Ex, I didn't care that everyone else was playing Adam Jenson.

Yes, every so often in SWTOR I run into a player that has the same outfit or parts of it that I have on. But this is no different than normal life. I've run into people before who were wearing the same shirt I was, or the same pants.

I can immerse myself in the story without worrying about what other players are doing.

And while I might agree that it would be great to have a completely unique story line with so many branches and options that we really could create a custom story all our own... the logistics and planning and writing of such a thing would be enormous, and probably prohibitive to even being produced at all.
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