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03.22.2012 , 11:06 AM | #12
I used to love Darth Vader. Then the prequels....Now, IMO he is lame.

He is just very emotionally weak.

Lucas knows nothing about human nature. Having served over seas and worked as a firefighter/parmedic for the past several years, working around death makes you rather numb to it.

I am not saying death does not bother you, but you just dont freak out or lose control just because your mom died. You develop more acceptance, "it happens".

So you would think: A "Jedi" that served during wartime, and had no problem chopping off Dookus head would not flip out over his wife possibly dying.

He would be sad but he would cope well, death was a major part fo his life already. He acted like teenage kid with no life experience.