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Making the medpacs variable more controllable for endgame content is a necessary precondition for the creation of tighter, more closely balanced fights.

We don't want medpacs to be as important as class abilities, and we feel they should not become part of rotations. On longer boss fights, this is a trend we've seen happening, and we've counteracted this. Obviously, where needed, boss mechanics would be adjusted to account for this, but we don't really anticipate much impact for that on existing content.

New content (such as Operation: Explosive Conflict and Flashpoint: The Lost Island) is significantly tighter balanced already, with this limitation in mind.

A positive side effect is that the cost of running endgame content is somewhat reduced by this change.

We are still in discussions to restore pre-level 50 medpacs to their previous condition to avoid negatively affecting the PvE game during the leveling process for people that heavily rely on medpacs.