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03.22.2012 , 10:32 AM | #27
PvP wise this will drastically reduce the value of medpacks, the in-combat out-of-combat mechanics do not work correctly anyway, often you stay in combat while there is nobody around for minutes, often you will stay in combat as a stealth class even when using cloak screen/force screen etc. (yes even if you remove all effects prior this happens a lot).
The cd reduction will not help since you will not reliably be able to leave combat.
All in all this promotes mindless damage and aoe spam over usage of utility and resources, guess people that where to greedy to buy wz medpacks qq`d hard enough, or some precious 31 talent point tank shadow could not kill a hybrid operative due to medpacks.

In PvE this will make medpacks next to useless since you will be in combat for the whole fight anyway, so it comes down to 1 medpack per person per encounter.

Obviously consumables mess up the balance they are to much of "wild card" since clever usage and timing and cred/comm investment pays off to much. The general direction seems to be to streamline the game towards average numbers and reduce the impact of player timing and decisions.

Well, let`s hope they do not take the same stance on class stories.