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03.22.2012 , 10:31 AM | #25
I can understand the change for PVE issues there...

But ooc mechanics in PVP are broken..I've played entire hutball matches without dying and without ever leaving combat... a 6-10min game where I can only use my PVP medpack once?

I've literally run away at sub 100 health to try and find a corner and have had to wait 20+ seconds before leaving combat, without having an enemy near me.. It's literally faster for me to just go ahead and die and respawn rather than try to get out of combat to use my regen ability.

Again..fine in PVE whatever...

A complete game changer in PVP.

If I go ahead and pug without a healer I don't want to face a situation where it's faster for me to suicide and get back into the game then for me to try and get out of combat so I can reuse my medpack.

That isn't fun and I can only assume is contradictory to what the game designers intend to happen in PVP.
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