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Whats everyones opinion on this?

Can't say I've played with every single class to 50 and tested everyone out. But looking over every class and playing some to higher levels I think I've got a good overlook.

In my opinion the class with the best companions is the smuggler.

As a smuggler you get a wookie, a ****** mandalorian chick, a pirate princess and Guss Tuno, the most hilarious companion in pretty much any game I've played. Corso Riggs is lame but every single one after him is awesome.
Close after is the sith inquistor.

As for worst companions in the game its a split between agent and jedi consular. They seem to be getting a bunch of bland and boring companions. Putting me off for playing them.
Can't agree. IA has awesome companions, bland and boring? No way, 3/5 are simply insane in one way or another (well, scorpio is somewhere beyond insane), Ensign Temple (your trainee) is pretty much just a cute girl that you teach stuff, quite fun, nothing special, the 5th companion is part of the kilik hive mind... so... no, they definetly are not boring (well, Vector actually is boring - still a freak though and srsly THE weiredest romance of all time in a videogame... you could probably still do worse in RL)

SI is quite funny with Khem, Andronikus (though I'm not a fan) and Talos (genius VA), Xelek is the most boring companion ever, Ashara brings an interesting perspective of a Jedi joinig the empire.

SW has my alltime fav. companion - Vette. She is just awesome. The rest... ah well, you got a srsly boring Captain with Quinn, a typical brute soldier and a maniac Talz with serious issues... and Jaesa of course who is either the 2nd biggest psycho in the game (nr. 1 is still scorpio) or... well... a jedi.

Can't say much about BH, mako is funny, Blizz is really funny by nature, rest idk.

For the worst comp though - JK, except Kira these are just incredibly boring, I don't get how someone can roll a male JK, play LS and not fall asleep after every dialogue or feel an urge to strangle a hamster or burn some puppies.

Can't say much about the Reps. though but I found the VA/classes(stories) pretty lame compared to Empire and the companions just too... "typical" - like "you're the hero - here are your heroic companions who agree with every heroic thing you do you heroic hero you" whereas the Empire is more like... well, 1 comp. wants to eat my char, one wants to kill him and become a master himself, another one would love to but can't kill me because it has a restraining bolt, another one actually tried to kill me... actually three tried to kill me at some point, all on the same char...hmm... it's just more interesting - watching the JK stoy on yt was like a cascade of faceplams followed by cliche sickness.