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well look at that I'm already a proven loser when it comes to gaming and what-not!

That is good to know about the modifying. Its only happening with this one lightsaber. And I recall it had a green outline so no its not orange but I modified it only a few weeks ago.
There are OCCASIONAL items you will come across, I'm not sure if they are greens, but they can be blues and purples, that will have an Augment slot or Mod and Enhancement slots. But you will notice (when you see one again) that they look different in the stat window that pops up than a normal item.

These items can also be modified (so that you can switch in and out the Augment, Mod and Enhancement units), but cannot be completely modified like an orange item.

Orange items can enhance their damage (for weapons) and defense factors (for armor) by adding in new barrels (guns) or hilts (sabers), or armoring, respectively.

Other items like the blues and purples that can be modified will not ever enhance their damage or armoring, only the bonus stats for the items.

Hope this helps and clears it up a little bit.
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