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Last episode Clone War Season 4 Epis 22 - Revenge

While Darth Maul (yes he is alive and back) was about to kill Obiwan, Ventress comes to kill Mauls Brother Savage Opress too. Here the follow conversation:

Obiwan: Ventress?

Ventress:It looks like I'm here to rescue you.

Obiwan: When did you become the good guy?

Ventress: Don't insult me.

Obiwan: Ah, what a lovely sight to wake up to.

Ventress: Don't flatter yourself, Kenobi.

Obiwan: You've never been much to look at, especially now.

Savage (Mauls Brother): The witch and the Jedi.

Darth Maul: Here for our taking.

Ventress pass one of her lightsabers to Obiwan at this point.
Ventress: I want that back.

Obiwan: That's fine. Red's not my color.

To see directly go to 17:00 minute