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Enjoy my Op far more than my Sorc, though Sorc rewards skilled gameplay far more than an Op does.

Edit: Basically what Im saying is you have to enjoy the difficult gameplay and micro managing an Op has to do in order to play the class, healing especially so. Thats the reason not many people play them, and the "LOLSTUNLOCK" one-trick kids left(so far as I can tell, they all rerolled Mercs and Sorcs).

Op healing is getting a bit of a buff, Concealment(dps) burst got a nerf and as a result sustained PvE dps is also getting a bit of a nerf because Bioware doesnt quite know how to do one without affecting the other.

And because enjoying an Op depends so much on your playstyle, it makes it a difficult class to recommend to people when there are easier alternatives(which is what most people want anyway) like a Sorc.
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