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It is like playing with Elora Dorne. At first when we get her she is a white, then I have to play through Nar Shaddaa, Tattooine, and Alderaan before I can buy her kits on Balmorra. So I am going through about 3 planets with her being "white" and then all of a sudden, she is more of a "Dominican" with the kit I bought for her. It just doesn't make any sense. As soon as I get her on Taris, I should be able to run to the Taris cantina and buy her kit from the very get go!

Again though, thanks for the list and I'll hold onto this.
You do realize you can immediately fly to Balmorra and pick up her kit? There are no level restrictions on travelling to the different planets, and I don't believe any of them have hostiles between where you "land" and the market area. Only difficulty is knowing which planet to go to.

That being said... I just wish you could actually zoom in on the preview window so you could actually see what the customization is. (and that said preview was in the High LOD's) A LOT of them are basically just facial feature changes, and you can't even tell what those changes ARE.