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I've been on a bit of a communication assault to Bioware since the issue happened to me this morning. I got an e-mail back essentially saying they're aware of the issue, it's not something that can be instantly solved, it is on their list of priorities but they couldn't give me a specific time frame. I think that's fair enough as long as the issue does get solved as it is quite major for the people who have suffered the unfortunate fate of running into it.

Hopefully we'll see a fix for this in 1.2, amongst other bugs.
its not bugged. You have to go around the other side to enter the elevator. Once you exit the shaft and phase after you get the quest to find the secret landing shuttle you have to use the other phase on the other side of the door. Same elevator, different phase. Took me 2 hours to realize this but there is another way in. You can see it on the map