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U seriously going to sit there and try to defend this game with a straight face? It's been out for 3 months and the population is dropping rapidly..they are already giving free trials...3 months into the game....the leveling process is ok, but how can anyone sit there and say that endgame is enjoyable, innovative, or acceptable ?

" All of your friends are playing already " ? You guys will probably be the last ones here when the servers get shut down. ALL of my friends have left, and I mean ALL of them. MY friends lists are always empty, my guild withered up and died, and keep in mind this is on populated servers like The swiftsure and canderous ordo.

I wanted this game to be a success so badly, and I tried to talk my friends into staying week after week, but I can't even fool myself anymore. I am not going to WoW or any other MMO, there will just be nothing but SP games for a while until the next " big thing" comes and goes.

Huge let down from BW on this one...a huge, expensive failure.
If you're not enjoying yourself, why are you still here? I'm glad they're giving a weekend pass, now many of my TF2 community friends can give it a try. I just wish the dev would have picked steam over craptastic origin.
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