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You are just deliberately misinterpreting my comments, if anyone cannot handle an argument it is you, you take my comment, attempt to make it mean something else, and then insult me for it, clearly you are just deliberately trying to annoy me, welcome to my block list.
You are the one who is mad , clearly you need to grow up a little ! Please Block me , I hope it means I won't have to read your round and round comments that you call facts .
I won't miss you

Before you say "You are insulting me" I can pull up the many post of your name calling , you clearly need to look up insult.

As for the arguement , I am sorry I do not see things in a small picture
KoToR supposibly a rip off of OT Movies
Or Revans deflecting a Force Lightning Bolt that was ment to kill him back at Nyriss which in turn killed her and did not even phase him.
While before hand she was owning Surik and Scourage until Revan walked up and killed her with her own lightning .
Give a Man a Mask and he'll become his true self