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1When you cannot win a debat go to name calling lol . Which is insulting someone if you do not know!

Litteral in the fact that KotoR is nothing like OT movies and books
Litteral in the fact that Revan is killed Nyriss by deflecting lighning .

Always using litteral and logic but neither you facts are , just false and a opinion of point of view.

Revan's ability to deflect her lightning that she ment to kill him and instead of killed her is a win for him no matter how much you try to bed it.

I am insulting you but you are calling me dense lol . Maybe you need to look up the word insult ok ?

2 Pointing out something you are doing isn't insulting ,it would be if I called you a name or if it wasn't true but you do run around in your comments instead of owning them when you are wrong!

3Threads are for debating and statements of topic , if you cannot handle others point of views , opinions , or facts then maybe you should take your own advice . Great have a good day !
You are just deliberately misinterpreting my comments, if anyone cannot handle an argument it is you, you take my comment, attempt to make it mean something else, and then insult me for it, clearly you are just deliberately trying to annoy me, welcome to my block list.