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Only the Mod and the Enh NOT the Armoring that has the Teir bonus built into it, and the materials to craft those higher end mods will not be easy to come by so there wont be a huge influx of them on the market.

Let me guess your one of them elitist people who think that only people who do NM operations deserve any loot above HM fp's.
  • Players can now remove Armoring modifications from items with set bonuses and transfer those set bonuses to Custom (orange) items. These modifications can only be transferred to an item that is equipped in the same slot.
  • Some high-end item modifications are now restricted to particular item slots and may only be transferred into the same slot on a new item.

  • Endgame crafting materials (Biometric Crystal Alloy, Self-Perpetuating Power Cells, Alien Data Cubes, and Rakata Energy Nodes) now drop less frequently but are freely tradable.

Drop less, but freely tradable. Meaning sellable too.

And finally:

  • Players may now reverse engineer many endgame items to research schematics for items and mods. Tier 2 (new) endgame items can be reverse engineered, and players have a chance to learn how to craft these items up on reverse engineering them. Set Armorings do not provide schematics for crafters.
  • Players with the appropriate professions are now able to reverse engineer random drop items and acquire materials from them. This includes Operation materials from endgame items.

Granted, the armouring mods aren't craftable. Fair enough. But the gear is still becoming fully moddable.

Btw, your guess is incorrect.
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