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You missed the point.
If purple drops are RE'able, guess what's going to happen?
Orange critted versions are possibly going to appear in abundance on the GTN.

Furthermore, the purple items are becoming fully moddable. Meaning that you can extract (and presumably RE) the mods in them. Potentially causing an influx of said mods on the GTN.
Only the Mod and the Enh NOT the Armoring that has the Teir bonus built into it, and the materials to craft those higher end mods will not be easy to come by so there wont be a huge influx of them on the market.

Let me guess your one of them elitist people who think that only people who do NM operations deserve any loot above HM fp's.

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Some fix to this: the buckle idea like i said.

What they should of done in the first place, funny part is how they said that most players are "poor" and they give us patch 1.2 Legacy when it should be called 1.2 HUGE CREDIT SINK!!!!!!111OnEEe