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03.20.2012 , 04:11 PM | #118
if this go live like that will kill the game, or at least lot of people will quit ( me and everyone on my guild at least)

all the critical craft with augment thing is absurd and the worst idea possible, they could have made a buckle to add an augment in everyitem (armormech would do it for ranged weapons, synt for force armors etc) so crafter would gain someting and woldnt kill the game.

like it is now, everyone will be forced to break every item that drops with better stats( or better look, or higher prestige one, like nigthmode operations per example) and the chances to get the schematics arent 100% i think.

SO, with this nigthmare that they call a patch we will go to the new operation, something drops, we break it, and we can gain NOTHING, so we need to spend dkp again when it drops untill we get the schematic, and of course, armormech and synthweaving will be THE ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE tradeskills now, great. they nerfed biochem many times because we was forced to have it, but didnt learn nothing and they are doing the same mistake again.

short answer: we will be forced to have syntweaving or armormech so wrong here.

we will be forced to break every item that drops( since u will want to have the latest nigthmare operation gear)and it wont have 100% chance to get the schematic.

we wont change the gear never, since lvl 10 gear will be THE SAME as lvl 100000000 mega nigthmare 100people operation.

tat least the operation gear MUST HAVE the augment slot on it, so the people that et together to kill a boss and get an item can equip it, it is more fair than a lvl 10 getting that look on the auction house for money.

Some fix to this: the buckle idea like i said.

or the Look Tab,

u can do many things, but pls forget this awfull idea