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For the appearance. Same reason armor sells on the GTN now. You are still not understanding this. People don't want to wear the FP and Ops gear because they all look the same. They want to look how they want. That's the entire point of changing it so you can take the mods out of the high-end gear.

People will need to go to crafters in order to get the appearance that they like. Since the color system is not unlimited, but still needs to be matched to chest, there is still value in having tons of chestpieces with different colors. Same with having lightsabers with different hilt designs, and guns with different appearances as well. You'll be able to find the one you like and purchase it from a crafter who has found that appearance and RE'd it.

You keep saying "it's so easy to buy it" and then in the same breath you say "this system does nothing for crafters." Who are they buying it from then? The people that took the time to hunt down multiple copies of that appearance, RE them until they got the schematic and got the crit-crafted version.

But I agree, this is pointless, because you keep saying the same thing over again, I keep pointing out how you're wrong, and you continue posting misconceptions and things that betray you have no understanding of what's going on.
You are putting words in my mouth, you have been making wild assumptions about what I said, and therefore missing the point. And I'm really not interested in discussing it with you any further.
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