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03.20.2012 , 03:59 PM | #10
Given what the devs have told the community in the past regarding how we should handle the current itemization, it would be absolutely unfair if they did not give us a way to get the new Rakata mods/enhancements.

Taken from the March 2nd Q&A:

Georg Zoeller (Principal Lead Combat Designer): "Accuracy counters your target's ability to defend (dodge, deflect, etc.) against your attacks. You are correct about the accuracy budget on the current end game gear being too generous for most scenarios - unless you are a dedicated tank killer in PvP, you probably do not need as much as you get from Rakata gear at the moment and you should consider swapping out some mods to support your preferred playstyle.

For the upcoming tier of new gear, we have an improved distribution of stats for both PvP and PvE gear."

I'm sure there is no Rakata owner who is against updating these Rakata pieces. However, it is not fair to basically tell us that the original Rakata itemization is not ideal, suggest we use different enhancement/mods, then punish us for following your suggestion by failing to give us a way to "trade up" to the new 1.2 Rakata.

The reason the Mods/Enhancement system is great is because it allows flexibility in customizing our gear to our play style or our character's needs. Please don't punish the players who used the system as intended by excluding us from the updated Rakata mods/enhancements.