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The itemization/mods inside Rakata gear on the PTS are MUCH better. However, will we be allowed to trade in our current Rakata gear for the new ones then?

Right now, the Rakata mods I already have (some pulled out) are NOT retroactively affected by this change - however, the Rakata pieces on my companion for example, whose mods I didn't change, WERE affected by the new itemization. If this is the case, then it's like we'll have to work on grabbing our sets all over again just because 1.2 Rakata mods > 1.1.x Rakata mods. So I do hope there will be retroactive change, even if the mods have been pulled out.

Secondly, the Battlemaster Mods/Enhancements have the same stat budgets as Rakatas, but with +expertise. So, it feels like you can just grind WZ commendations, pull out the BM mods, and slot them in and get Rakata-level/equal stats +expertise. Is this intended? Or do the devs intend to reduce the secondary stat budgets on the BM gear because of the added expertise on the mods/enhancements?
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