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03.20.2012 , 11:01 AM | #6
Good stuff Georg. May I make a suggestion? I know last night you were considering ways to make current orange gear augmentable. Some people were saying that you should have crafters make items that would grant augment slots and what not.

I have another idea after reading this. Why not just make the reverse engineering schematic chance on orange items 100%? This way, people would actually have an incentive to RE this gear. As it is now, I'm not going to touch my valuable orange items to reverse engineer them knowing I may get nothing and lose access to that appearance forever. But if you guaranteed that I would learn the schematic for the item (and thus I could get it back), it would be entirely worth it. And this too solves your augment problem. If people want their current orange gear to be augmentable, they can RE it and craft it. OR wait for someone else to do so, and get it off the GTN.

I think this would result in a very diverse amount of orange gear appearances - not just the schematics you guys added, but all the stuff that's currently in the game that people have been using and holding onto and don't want to lose. Just some food for thought. I really appreciate the way you guys have been listening to the community!