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1. Were the clones just acting all throughout the clone wars tv shows?

No, their only priority is to protect the Republic, whereas the jedi are a part of it, but not literally merged within it.
2. Are the clones consisidered evil?

No. They're just following orders.
3. Have they always known they were going to betray the Jedi eventually?

There's a large chance that the answer is a no. They're just "protecting" the Republic, as that is their priority, even if it includes the death of Jedi.
4. How could the Jedi not sense a plot to destroy all Jedi by the clones. I mean if they are supposedly weak minded aka "these aren't the droids you're looking for..move along" wouldn't the Jedi or Yoda feel a certain doom coming from the clones?

They could sense that something was wrong, yet they were not certain of it. Before they were able to make up their mind, the clones turned on the Jedi in the climax of the clone wars.
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