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[QUOTE=zElmTree;3521320]So Order 66 was the order given by palpatine aka lord sidius to flip a "switch" in the clones to make them betray the jedi. At least I think it I have a couple questions

1. Were the clones just acting all throughout the clone wars tv shows?
Not all the clones ever heard of order 66. Only the commander's I believe even knew of it.
2. Are the clones consisidered evil?
They were designed to follow orders without question not really there fault.
3. Have they always known they were going to betray the Jedi eventually?
Nope,but there was always a "back up" plan to kill them all if they betrayed the republic.
4. How could the Jedi not sense a plot to destroy all Jedi by the clones. I mean if they are supposedly weak minded aka "these aren't the droids you're looking for..move along" wouldn't the Jedi or Yoda feel a certain doom coming from the clones?
Clones weren't really weak minded they they were just untrained against the influence of the force sense the only guys they had to worry about was Count Dooku and Asajj Ventress. Also jedi found it increasingly difficult to see the future since Darth Plagueis corrupted the force. Only when jedi started dying they started to sense something was off

Thats it.
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