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03.19.2012 , 11:39 AM | #8
These are good points, and I meant to remove that bleeds stop taking objectives in PvP. It was still like that when I wrote that section (been working on and off on it for over a month).

Recently, my favorite spec is actually a Saboteur spec, simply because I have way more defensive options. I will definitely be updating this for 1.2.

Also, I did not take the Cunning talent because yes, 9% is a lot, but not as useful perhaps as other functionalities (which could be argued, I know). Would I use it in PvE? Absolutely. But for a more versatile spec, I decided against it.

That being said, I have recently been putting that talent in far more often into my builds. It really helps more when you have a lot of Cunning to begin with. Honestly, that spec is no longer my favorite Sharpshooter build, since it even has a point in Vital Shot time extension, which I only did because DoTs prevented caps.

I hope you can see my reasoning for what I did, but regardless, I will be updating the guide with my new favorite spec taking into account the changes in Patch 1.2.

Thank you for your responses, and for catching my PvP DoT typo!