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03.18.2012 , 06:21 PM | #5
I hadn't used WASD before for any mission, not being a native WASD user yet I see now the importance. Drexel can overwhelm if you are not watching for the incoming hits, and I wasn't. I'll try it again.

Gave Zosha Advance a go this morning and just could not get more than half way. Even with Lvl 5 and a prototype Armour fitting I just took too much damage. The problem I see now is the incoming fire and no mater how complete the shield is, the hull is ripped to shreds by the point I get to. It's the darned special ship you say to avoid in Drexel. I go after it in Zosha to get rid of it's firepower. Obviously I should be dancing around it instead.
Try, try again.
Thankyou for your least they don't belittle those having a hard time like many other posters do (ie. "They're simple. You suck!").