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(MODS, please excuse the suggestive profanity, I * out the actual words.)

*Masters Windu, Kolar, Fisto and Tiin burst into Anakin and Palpatine plotting the destruction of the Jedi and Yoda and hear everything they were saying.*

Palpatine: Ah Master Windu, I take it General Grievous has been destroyed then?

Windu: In the name of the galactic senate of the republic, SHUT THE **** UP!

Palpatine: I just want you to know how sorry we are that things got so ****** up with us and Master Yoda, W-we get into this thing with the best intentions for the Republic, Really, I never...

*Windu decapitates Anakin with his lightsaber.*

Oh I'm sorry did I break your concentration? I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do that, continue... you were saying something about best intentions, what's the matter? were finished? oh well allow me to retort, What does Master Yoda look like?

Palpatine: What?

Windu: What planet are you from?

Palpatine: What?

Windu: 'What' ain't no planet i ever heard of, they speak Basic in what?

Palpatine: What?

Windu: Basic Mother ****** do you speak it?

Palpatine: Yes!

Windu: so you Know what i'm saying?

Palpatine: Yes!

Windu: Describe what master Yoda looks like!

Palpatine: Wh-what?

Windu: Say 'What' again, Say what again! I dare ya, I double dare ya Mother******, say what one more gosh darn time.

Palpatine: Well he's...short.

Windu: Go on!


Windu: Does he look like a *****?

Palpatine: W...what?(Windu kicks Palpatine in the face.)

Windu: DOES-HE-LOOK-LIKE-A-*****?!?!?!

Palpatine: NOOOO!!!

Windu: Then why'd ya try to **** him like a *****?

Palpatine: I didn't!!!

Windu:Yes you did! YES YOU DID, PALPATINE!!! You tried to **** him. And Master Yoda don't like to be ****** by anybody except Mrs. Yoda.

*decapitates Sidious after a failed attempt by Sidious to kill them all with lightning*

*Cuts to end credits and Star Wars theme*
HAHAHAHA!! Windu is Yoda's hit man. Uh oh just had the image of Yoda needing to be saved from the back room some where by Bruce Willis. Poor Yoda.
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