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If Bioware does there were people can just go do quest for Raid Gear people will quit. I know once my guild read this they all made the choice that they will cancel subscriptions. Thats over 60 people right now, I also spoke a handful other raiding guilds a few that are near member cap. All their members too were debating to cancel their subs.

People that came here to RAID do not care to see people who DO NOT RAID in RAID GEAR. Go Raid if you want the gear its that simple.

If you want SOLO gear ask for Gear that is purple Has Endurance, your Primary Stat, and Presence. You do not need any other stats like Crit, or Hit, or any other stat that makes you better. Have 10000 Presence that makes your companion better, I do not care. You do not need to be top DPS, or Healer, or Tank you are not playing with other people.

People raid to make themselves better with gear and as a player. This is not done SOLO. Solo Players can cry all they want about wanting RAID GEAR, they do not deserve it and have not earned it by SOLO Content. Its RAID GEAR for a reason. PEOPLE RAID FOR IT, NOT SOLO!

I am getting tied of the elitest attitude from people like you. "The Best Gear is for only Raiders", To hell with the rest of the gaming community. People who don't have countless hours and have real lives that enjoy other things otherthen gaming steill want to have good gear.

So take your pathetic BoHoo story back to WOW and raid until your eyes bleed.