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03.18.2012 , 05:33 AM | #25
Ppl is confused, until we get a confirmation on further ways to acquire them:

Black Hole Commendations ONLY drop from KP Nightmare Mode

Which makes sense, as initially Nightmare mode will not be present on the new Operation. Ppl doing NMs on KP should get some gear (I don't know the cost... But I would be surprised if you could get a single new T2 piece doing KP NM sooner than 4-5 weeks).

It's just a small reward to keep the sense of progression for ppl that has reached the top difficulty on the game, so ppl missing some Rakata (The entry level for T2 OPs) can keep on going to NM KP while doing the 1st attempts on T2 OP... It's basically to not break the gear progression chain on OPs.

That's why, I repeat, some ppl is automatically assuming that because of a new batch of daily quests is offered on Corellia, on the Black Hole zone they will suddenly start rewarding Black Hole commendations instead of the regular daily commendations. This is what requires confirmation instead of speculation.

If you now realize that HM FP locks are removed, it simply makes no sense that BW allows "casuals" to skip Columi/Rakata level... BW added a new HM FP... They want ppl to gear faster to the new Tier, and that's precissely what they are doing... You can do as much HM FP as you like.

But I repeat, some ppl is just reading instead of testing... Let testers show light on this to see if some1 at BW lost their mind and also want to turn PvE into a pointless loot piņata as PvP is or...

...They just want to be sure ppl doing Nightmare OPs ATM have a slightly easier time jumping into T2 HM OPs.