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Do not be surprised if you see people who raid quit over this because *** is the point in raiding if your not making yourself better via gear over someone who does not. Solo/casual people are out of touch with logic.
What's the whole point of investing time in solo content if you don't get good gear? I mean, you invest more time to get the item, why should someone who spends 1 hour on a raid get better stuff? Why should 8 hours total of people's time be worth more than, well, say 12 of mine? People who raid are so out of touch with logic.

That's an argument one could just as easily make.

The reality is that, generally, PITA and reward need to be balanced. It is a bigger pain to find and coordinate 4, 8, or 16 people than it is to solo something. Furthermore, devs tend to want to encourage social things, as the bonds we form keep us suckers playing after we'd otherwise have quit. So group stuff tends to reward items either with less time invested or items not attainable solo.

But, well, there's still a balance point. For example, if it takes a year of doing dailies to get the item, is that is okay? Think most of us would say that is just way too much effort to get an item. How about 6 months? 2 months? 1 month? There's some point where the balance lies.

That said, if this daily crap provides better rewards than HM FPs, they need to go back to the drawing board, unless said daily rewards are earned by doing those FPs.