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Do you guys think this is balanced at all? I mean, im so afraid to go near ledges sometimes because I know the carrier has force jumping abilities. Anytime you're on the higher ground/level in Huttball with a flag carrier below you, you're risking blowing it for the team.

Sad part is I still see people who dont realize that "zerging" without being really careful around the end zone could help the opposition with a 30m + Z-axis instant gain.

Second part of this is that the force leapers are excellent candidates for ball running. Sure, a BH or trooper may do well, but you cant beat a heavy armored force leaper in Huttball.

If you get slowed while carrying the ball, why should you be able to force jump? I think force jumping should be prohibited while carrying the ball. Right now I think scoring is just too easy with good passers and force jumpers, any methods for slowing the carrier down (e.g. different map tiers, fire grates) are completely mitigated by force jumpers.

Right now there is no reason to play defense. Attempting really handicaps a team. You should be prohibited from using force jumping abilities while carrying the ball, and there should be "sprint boots" to help players who may actually want to defend the goal line. Playing defense now means you're basically giving them a 30m freebie to bypass map design and defenders to rush the end zone.

I dont think WZ's should reward the hyper-aggressive types of play as that makes pre-mades even more "skill less" and severely gimps PUG's. When your ideal premade looks like 5 force jumpers and "whatever" you know there's a problem.
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