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So from this thread I am seeing this as the order of stat importance for the Seer Sage.

Willpower>Endurance?>Crit>Power>Surge>Alacrity Possibly best after Resplendence.



Now does endurance become less important, and move to the 3rd most important stat. It seems that in forums people talk about willpower then crit, or willpower then power. Where does endurance fit?
Endurance is impossible to stack intentionally without gimping your Willpower, and vice-versa. If you're stacking Willpower and secondaries instead, Endurance will still be high but not as high.

Currently, a mix of crit/surge, power/alacrity, and power/surge enhancements are probably the best. Stop stacking crit at around the 30% total mark (Including the 5% from your Seer tree and Willpower), 10% is a fine stopping point on Alacrity, and put Power and Surge wherever possible everywhere else.
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