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If, and only if, they were to then provide a passive buff to Biochemists that increased the potency of medpacks, stims, etc. would I support an end to reusable consumables. Let's face it... being able to craft reusable consumables certainly beats having to constantly make new ones (especially adrenals, given their limited duration). Indeed, this would help stimulate a market in the consumables area, and people wouldn't feel they needed to take Biochem by default.

I'm actually in this boat right now. I'd elected to go Biochem on my Sniper, which I intend to raid, so that I could craft my own consumables. Granted, making reusable ones is a perk, but I can still craft medpacks, etc. for my alts. All of my characters benefit. However, I'm looking to level a Sith Assassin as a tank, and suddenly have this urge to go Biochem on her as well to access reusable consumables (in large part due to not getting my healing companion until Hoth). I know this isn't necessary, but the convenient nature of consumables becomes a perk strong enough to make me question going with any other crafting crew skill. (Artifice is on my Sith Sorcerer, so Synthweaving was one alternative... but I might as well do it as a Sith Warrior and get the +5 crit bonus from Jaesa).

TL;DR: Only if active Biochemists get a passive skill that buffs the potency of medpacks, etc. would I support the removal of reusable consumables.