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Still figuring out how this was real bad for vanguards. Tactics got some nice stuff that'll give it the edge it needed.

Assault might be reigned in finally in regards to having HiB proc non stop in some situations. Hopefully they make the proc much more reliable in exchange, but that and the change to plasma cell being required isn't the end of the world.

Only thing I see Shield losing is 15% on energy blast, but that's now off the GCD along with smoke grenade. Ceramic plating lost a bit of absorbtion, but you gain some with the new 2 point talent (the 2 points you gained from counter attack going to 3 points instead of 5) so not really seeing anything bad for Shield.

We're finally getting Full Auto and Mortar Volley looked at, overall it's a good patch for vanguards.

I really hope this isn't all about Ionic Accelerator... maybe it's good they're finally looking at it if you relied on it so much that you quit without it.

EDIT: Just my feelings in regards to 1.2 as a vanguard alone. Still not sure why they might be buffing sentinels/marauders as I felt they were at a pretty good spot as is. Patch notes are always bound to change anyhow between now and implementation anyhow.

Double Edit: You really shouldn't type when angry though, wall of text and everything.
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