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03.17.2012 , 12:24 AM | #1
So while I felt this game was going to be a part of my life for quite a while, I believe they have completely messed this game up and I may no longer be a part of it. They take the most balanced class in the game and decide it needs the nerf stick. Maybe we should have complained more people. Looks like Sentinels are going to become the god mode (already were IMO) because all they do on their forums is complain, and on our forums we discover good specs and discuss what makes us a good class. Instead we get nerfed and they get buffed quite considerably. This is exactly how SOE killed SWG, they had a great system and then because a few people complained loudly they changed tons of stuff and made the game worse. They are trying to numb their horrible decisions with new content, but I do not want to learn a new class after I am 50 and have selected my gear, new classes should be learned from level one, preferably at the launch of the game. If you were going to do a major overhaul of the combat system I feel it should have been before release, not 4 months in. Such a great launch only to be messed up by people in charge who feel that the squeakiest wheel must be right about everything that is good or bad about the game. The saddest part is that all the people who made complaints that attributed to the changes in 1.2 are probably already gone and not coming back. The people who were playing consistently liked the game and stayed because of it, but now you will change the game only to find you will not win back those that have left, but lose those that had stayed. I would love to hear what the Devs have to say, but if they are anything like in-game support, I doubt it. Thats my rant, if you don't agree then good for you and I hope you keep enjoying the game. For myself I will try to keep having fun with it but I feel these patch notes are the beginning of the end for me.