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Quote: Originally Posted by Anti_Bodies View Post
1. No one will make you delete a character (getting this out of the way)
2. They are looking into adding more then 8 character slots
3. For the time, you will have to delete a character to make room for a new character.
4. For things that wouldn't require a new character (such as making a Republic Chiss), you don't have to delete anything. Such as using the Legacy system to get an on-ship mailbox.
Thank you person that isn't George who provides non-factual information.

#1- You're right, we don't have to delete our toons. Mostly because we won't, because they're level 50 and we're not going to level them again. If Bioware is honestly okay with us going through a level 50 grind once again through the stale quest system (Stale because once you go through the worlds, you know the dialogues, they're just re-used and re-voiced . Only the class quests are actually different.)
#2- The only thing he actually answered... well he didn't answer it. He didn't even give a number just a "we're looking into it"... This isn't an answer, it's on par with being on the wall of crazy and soon*tm. I'd like to see Daniel Eriksons opinion on this exact question since he's the self admitted "alt-aholic"
#3. See #1. No one in their right mind is going to want to re-level, re-gear the same class again to 50. No one. Hell, I don't even think people would delete anything above 30.
#4. What? This has nothing to do with the original question that went unanswered.